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Dr. Shun Chung Young:  Is a FACS, a specialist in General surgery, oncological surgery and head and neck surgery.  He spent 40 years in the USA in clinical surgery, medical education and health administration.  In addition to his board certification, MD degress he also has a degree in master of health administration.  He is a consultant for various hospitals and organizations, both in USA and China.


Dr. Ian Jackson:  A world renowned plastic and reconstructive surgeon.  A graduate from the University of Glasgow, Scotland,  and has been the Chairman of the Plastic Surgery Department in various hospitals ie. Hospitals in Scotland, Mayo Clinic and Providence Medical Center.  He recieved numerous accademic awards and honors from various medical organizations and universities throughout the world.  He has published more than 300 articals and 16 monographs.  He is an outsatnding clinician, teacher, and medical resercher.


Dr. H Alani:   A board certified specialist in plastic surgery.  He spent the last 40 years in the UK and USA.  H is, at present, the Chairman of department of Plastic surgery and director of Plastic Surgical Residency at Providence Medical Center.  He is experienced in clinical plastic surgery and surgical research.

Mr. Alex Young, Graduated from the Kennedy Western University, who specializes in hospital management, and worked for commercial training schools specializing in teaching English medical terminology. With teaching qualifications, he has been keen to help non-English-speaking countries, the medical staff to study medical English. At the same time, Mr. Yang also has rich experience in hospital management, in the United States hospitals and other medical institutions for six years. Two years ago, he came here at the invitation of China's foreign capital hospital to teach the Chinese. He then began to teach specialized medical personnel to learn medical English, medical terminology and spoken English.


Mr. David Coulson, from the United Kingdom, and graduated from the University of Northumbria. In Hong Kong, Zhuhai, Shenzhen and other places of scientific and technological enterprises and technical training to teach the Department for many years and has extensive teaching experience.


Mr. Winston Frederick Sterzel, is  from South America, and has an intensive English teaching experience at the Sunmoon Education Group as CCVIP. English language instructor at a major educational and training institute, teaching adults and children of varying levels of English ,as well as public presentations.


Above are full-time staff of BIC.  From time to time specialists in various fields will be contracted out by BIC to meet the needs of the Chinese.  BIC is drawing specialists from a roster of more than 30 specialists.


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