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Research education center of Beijing DeAn Hospital

BIC and Research Education Center of Beijing Dean Hospital co-operation in the hospital medical staff in English training, as well as provide information and carry out scientific research with Chinese universities and medical institutions of medical and scientific research cooperation.

   Beijing Dean Hospital is the first chain hospital established by AACG, the Care Group is from the United States. Beijing Dean Hospital is a flagship hospital in China, located in Dongsi commercial centre in the Central zone of Beijing, close to Beijing Central Business District (CBD) and the embassy district-Sanlitun. There are over 50 well known medical professionals with western certified work permits and China's top-ranked medical experts in this hospital, which provides western-style and bilingual service. The hospital offers around-the-clock service and convenient reservation systems to its patients and particularly better for VIP members. Moreover, it governs the principle of doing high efficient work at an optimized cost. The hospital is aiming at providing state-of-the-art technology, western-standard treatment and management in an effort to give more benefits to its patients. Research Education Center of the Beijing Dean Hospital main business is the researching and training, including the United States in the latest medical researched into China, and cooperating with the universities and scientific research institutions in China, such as stem cell transplantation, robotic surgery, and so on; at the same time provision of the daily English training for the hospital staff, including medical English training, especially the English medical terminologies.


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